Ratankiri Community Trekking Tour

8 Hours

Trip Information

  • Bunlong, Ratanakiri
  • Bunlong, Ratanakiri
  • English
  • 8:30 AM
  • Hotel lobby
  • Free cancellation up to 48 hrs.
  • 2 - 12


This Ratankiri Community Trekking Tour explores natural resources, a 40 meters high waterfall, and engages with the indigenous Kachok hill tribe in Cambodia. Departure is at 8:30 AM by motorbike, Tuk Tuk, or car to Kachohn village near the Sesan river. From there, a small boat takes us on a 1hr scenic journey to the edge of the jungle. Our 3hr trek through the jungle leads us to the waterfall, where we have lunch and swim. Afterward, we return on the same boat, stopping at Kospeak village for a cultural explanation and visit to an ancient cemetery. The tour ends and we return to Banlung city by 5:00 PM.

  • These below things your should bring:
  • Long Clothes
  • Walking Shoes
  • Sun Cream
  • Mosquitoes repellent
  • and Swimming clothes.

Local Impact by Booking Ratankiri Community Trekking Tour

By booking Ratankiri Community Trekking Tour, you are making a significant contribution to the local community. Your participation directly supports the growth and development of local businesses and artisans. As you explore the area, purchasing locally-made products and engaging in authentic cultural experiences, you are injecting much-needed income into the local economy.

Additionally, your presence creates opportunities for job creation, allowing residents to secure employment and provide for their families. Moreover, your interest in the region demonstrates respect and appreciation for the local heritage, fostering a sense of pride and identity within the community. Your decision to embark on Ratankiri Community Trekking Tour not only enriches your own travel experience but also has a lasting impact on the individuals and businesses that call this place home.

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Starting on an unforgettable adventure with the Ratankiri Community Trekking Tour, a journey that will connect you with the lush natural resources and captivating indigenous community of the “Kachok” hill tribe in Cambodia.

Our Trip will departe at 8:30 AM, you will have the option of traveling by motorbike, Tuk Tuk, or car to the Kachohn village, nestled near the picturesque Sesan River. As you disembark from our transportation, a quaint small boat awaits, offering a leisurely one-hour cruise through stunning river landscapes and charming villages until we reach the edge of the dense jungle. Our expert jungle ranger will guide us as we venture into the enchanting jungle, trekking for approximately three hours towards an awe-inspiring, over 40-meter high waterfall where we’ll enjoy a well-deserved lunch and refreshing swim.

Following this, we will retrace our steps as we start on a loop back to the same boat. During our return, the driver will take us to the mesmerizing Kospeak village, where our knowledgeable English-speaking guide will provide insights into the culture of the village and showcase its intriguing ancient cemetery. As the sun begins to set, concluding our extraordinary experience, we will arrive back in Banlung town at 5:00 PM, leaving you with memories of a truly immersive and unforgettable journey.

  • English speaking guide
  • Indigenous ranger
  • Transportation by motorcycle, boat trip or ferry boat depending on
  • Lunch during the trek water and fruits
  • All Entrance community support fees.
  • Ratanakiri – One hour boating on Sesan River
  • Ratanakiri – Trekking and Hiking in the Indigenous community.

Price Inluded

  • English speaking guide
  • Indigenous ranger
  • Transportation by motorcycle, boat trip or ferry boat depending on
  • Lunch during the trek water and fruits
  • All Entrance community support fees.

Price Excluded

  • Tips/gratuities for driver and guide
  • Personal expense
  • Travel Insurance.


Can I cancel my tour?

Yes sure, you can cancel your booking based on our booking terms and conditions.

What shoes are suitable for the trip?

Shores that are suitable for this trip are comfortable walking and trekking  shoes.

Where does the tour end?

The tour will be ended at Banlong or you can ask our guide to drop you off someplace.

What should I bring with me?

These are important thing you mush taking during trip: Long Clothes, Walking Shoes, Sun Cream, Mosquitoes repellent, and Swimming clothes.

What if I can't find my tour guide?

If you have any issues on the day of your tour, please call +855 12 899 447

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